Being in control from a business point of view

What will blockchain and IoT-IAM do for you?

Identity Management is changing every day. Trends and new ideas are occurring and showing the world that Identity Management needs to be taken more serious than before. Being in control of your identities is becoming a different story. This will affect the personal management of an identity but also how and why an organization will use data throughout the lifecycle.

Managing the identity and what it can access has always been important and that is still the case but now organizations have to look a bit deeper than this. With regulations like GDPR knowing what and where the data goes for a user is a bigger focus. This is more of an enforcement of business policies and ensuring that the business has the proper rules, regulations and tools in place. These should be used to not only manage the lifecycle of the user, but also provide a view of what data has been used and where has that data been shared. Being in control means something different and from a business point of view should be a primary focus and should give IT the rules, enforcement and power to manage this information in the proper way.

New trends and keywords such as blockchain and IoT-IAM are causing big waves in the market. Everyone wants to know more about them. While they are ground-breaking developments they aren’t a complete answer to the picture. Using these technologies and ideas are a great way to focus on the future however they cause a lot of changes from a functional way that some organizations don’t think of. The organization has to be aligned to begin the “crawl” towards these new tools and options. Always ask the organization what is the goal of the project and can you achieve it securely, safely and efficiently. If the answer to any of those are no then it’s smart to go back to the drawing board. Ensuring the business has the proper information to make the decision can be a challenge.


Rachel van Wijk