Access Management



Allow users secure access to your systems and stay in control

Access Management focuses on access management for the applications within your data center and/or your cloud applications. Access management can be designed based on user groups, creating an AM solution based on roles or attributes. Access management enables you to have controlled, reliable and easier user access to your data center and/or cloud applications. IonIT works from a hybrid environment with different platforms such as Windows, Apple, Linux, and devices based on Windows, Apple, Android and iOS. We deliver extensive Access Management cloud solutions for access management, with a robust integration with other cloud environments, such as Microsoft, Amazone and Google.

We will use different ready-made market solutions, depending on the required customer solution. We offer our customers assistance during the entire process, from design to implementation, to support, and we deliver a total solution in the form of IdaaS (Identity as a Service). For example, we deliver Microsoft Azure Active Directory as an extensive cloud solution for access management. This also offers a robust integration for Microsoft Azure Cloud applications, such as Office365 and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions from other suppliers. In case of Apple or Linux dominated environments, we will use Centrify as an IdaaS for the relevant environments. All our solutions offer easy registration with an access application, on-line or on an mobile device, and with easy expansion options.

Access Management Challenges

  • Security Risks.

    Users who have left the company still have access to systems; you run the risk of users with improper rights gaining access, and of losing track of them.

  • Inefficient use of the help desk.

    The help desk focusses too much on the management of passwords and access.

  • Password jungle.

    Users need to remember an increasing number of passwords for different applications. This may cause them to become careless and this jeopardises the security of your data.

  • Rising IT costs.

    A lot of the work is done by hand, checking and keeping the access management up-to-date is a costly business..

  • Inability to anticipate changes.

    In case of mergers and take-overs, it is often difficult to integrate new systems.

  • Not able to meet the audit requirements.

    You lack insight and report options for the access and rights management within your organisation.

The benefits of our access management solutions

  • Controlled data access.

    This allows the owner to allow pre-defined controlled access to corporate data.

  • More convenience for users.

    The Single-Sign-On feature is more user-friendly.

  • Selfservice

    Self-service allows users to reset their own passwords and apply for additional access to applications and data.

  • Cost saving.

    Manual tasks are reduced, saving costs.

  • Compliance.

    Build your access management based on the most recent laws and regulations.

  • Manageability.

    One Access Management facility arranges all access management for all applications, both on a centralised and decentralised level.

  • Flexibility.

    The Access Management facility allows easy connection of new applications.

  • Active security.

    The Access Management facility allows you to revoke all access rights for a certain individual with one push of a button.

Practical examples of Access Management

Data Access Governance

Data Access Governance is the management and maintenance of access rights for applications and user rights within those applications, based on data. A management model is used to grant, change and revoke the user access and user rights. We have several best practice scenarios to realise this, depending on your situation.


Self-service for users enables users to safely reset their own passwords, and to maintain their own personal information, without the help of others.

SSO en Federatie

With Single Sign-On (SSO) users will only have to log in once, in order to safely use multiple applications. Federation service enables users to log in with their own data onto the applications of other organisations. An example of this is DigiD, which can be used for different applications.